Hanaupah Canyon

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Post by NoKarma4U » Mon Jan 06, 2003 11:58 am


Welcome to the Death-Valley.us boards. I'll answer part of your question, but as I do not frequent this location, I will leave it to others to let you know what the road conditions are, and whether or not you can reach the cabin/ranch (is that Hungry Bills? or is that up Johnson Cyn?? I don't have my maps with me :roll: ).

Regarding camping, however; here is a link to the Death Valley website covering backcountry camping regulations. Generally speaking you can camp anywhere in the backcountry once you are at least 2 miles from a developed road (in this case, West Side road) and at least 1/4 mile from any water source. You should have no problem finding interesting locations to camp (though many of us would advise you not to pick a spot in a wash). The temperatures this time of year can be cool in DV (our current "heat wave" excepted), and the temps drop rapidly as you rise in elevation, as you will do when you leave the West Side road.

Once again, welcome to the D-V.us boards. I'll step aside now and let the smart people talk...

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Re: Hanaupah Canyon

Post by Bighorn » Mon Jan 06, 2003 6:16 pm

Hi Susanna, welcome here

I'll keep it short
susannag wrote: 1) Is camping allowed in Hanaupah Canyon?
Because of close proximity to the water (at least 200 yards away, some say 1/4 of a mile) it's almost impossible to find camping place which comforms with this rule. There is one wider spot (smaller canyon joins from the north - about 5 miles from West Side Road) where camping is possible. Some call this canyon "Chuckawalla" (not to confuse with the North Fork of Hanaupah). Be aware this is a wash and can be dangerous to camp here (check the weather), especially at this time of the year.

My sugestion: Johnson Canyon is a better place to camp (south of the Hanaupah on West Side Road)
susannag wrote: 2) Where would be the best spot?
See above
susannag wrote: 3) Is it possible to stay overnight in the cabin, can't remember the name of it?
That would be "Shorty Borden's cabin and mine. You can't drive so far, besides you could hardly call it a cabin (not much left). It's too close to water to stay there either.
susannag wrote: 4) How are the night temperatures there?
Check current weather for Death Valley and substract few degrees.
susannag wrote: 5) Is it crowded?
In the Summer, yes. I don't know how's in the Winter time.

Hope this helped a bit

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