Search for old road north DV Buttes - fail

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Search for old road north DV Buttes - fail

Post by Death Valley Dazed » Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:08 am

A couple of years ago while exploring the mine works on the very north-west end of The Death Valley Buttes I followed the track of an old road back east for a quarter to half a mile but then cut south to scale up the ridgeline of the Buttes and then back to Hells Gate. The location can be seen at minute 4:35 here:

Wednesday, February 28th in the late afternoon, heading home from the park I stopped at Hells Gate (Which was under construction and resurfacing) and attempted to explore the north-east section of the valley between the Buttes and Corkscrew Peak in hope of locating the other end of that mysterious old road.

Well, that was a big fail because I could not find any evidence of one but did stumble across a U.S. General Land Office Survey Stake stake. I enjoyed the hike and the fantastic scenery as the moon popped up to the east and sunset into the west. The jet's antics in the sky added some fun.

Now I'm going back to the west end of the Buttes and try to find that old road again and follow it to its end instead of diverting back up to the Buttes crest.

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