Desolation Dry Fall Foolish Fail

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Desolation Dry Fall Foolish Fail

Post by Death Valley Dazed » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:20 pm

November 2017 I had to try a bypass of the dry fall on the north side of the mouth of Desolation Canyon. While atop the northside ridge I could see across the canyon to the bighorn sheep-like trails and foot paths of the previous climbers who had sucessfully bypassed the dry fall on the south side.

At the start I knew my chances of success were less than stellar but it was a blast trying and the views were inspiring. I advise everyone, not to attempt this, and go the south side routes instead. You'll have much less elevation gain, better footing and access into the canyon above.

Bypassing on my route is possible but I did not want to scramble/scale passed my novice comfort zone. This would have taken at least two more hours of time and I would have wanted to exit on the south side and I was not familiar with this area at all.
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