Interstellar Death Valley - Nightscapes Spectacular

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Interstellar Death Valley - Nightscapes Spectacular

Post by Death Valley Dazed » Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:56 am

I already posted this over at Death Valley Talk but am adding some technical notes regarding YouTube. With over twenty contributors it was not possible to add more than the five "cards-links" allowed by YouTube to give these artists credit due so will soon post a duplicate vid with all credits due on each scene. FYI.

My channel Death Valley Dazed" is non-monetized to limit those annoying ads, but ads do appear which are part of the agreement between YouTube and the copyrighted music that I often use for soundtracks. Personally, I don't make a dime and never intend to earn money from my channel. It exists only to spread the adventure and joy of being in Death Valley National Park.

"I compiled the creative majesty of over twenty Death Valley photographers on this nighttime adventure set to music from Interstellar and Starwaves from Oblivion. If you are not already in love with Death Valley, this video should melt your heart. Best viewed on big screen TV with surround sound. A duplicate video which credits each photographer with their scenes is forthcoming."
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