Kelbaker Road (Mojave Nat'l Preserve) closed April 2016

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Kelbaker Road (Mojave Nat'l Preserve) closed April 2016

Post by Candace_66 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:55 am

Just a heads-up: the Kelbaker Road, that connects Baker on I-15 to Kelso, is closed in its entirety for construction.

Per the Preserve's website, this closure will run through April 28, 2016.

I found out about this the hard way. I came off a dirt road onto the Kelbaker Road, and drove up to Baker for fuel. At the junction with I-15, there were barricades on the southbound side. A worker posted there informed me I would not be able to drive back down the road any distance from that point (I just wanted to return to the Aiken Cinder Mine Road).

As of a couple of days ago, there aren't any signs or barricades on the dirt roads (for example, the Mojave Road or Aiken Cinder Mine) that intersect or crossing the Kelbaker Road. So anyone transiting the Mojave Road who planned a supply run to Baker might find that complicated!

To reach Kelso from I-15 without getting on the dirt, one can use the Cima Road exit (this is the posted detour).

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