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Bonnie Claire Highway repair update

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:54 am
by Death Valley Dazed
Highway 267 aka Bonnie Claire Highway to Scotty's Castle was flooded over on October 18, 2015. Repairs to the highway commenced in 2019. Here are scenes taken on September 5, 2019, of the upper/eastern portion of the highway repairs taken first from the south side and then the north side of the highway. The last scene is of Tin Mountain from above and east of Scotty's Castle.

It appears that highway shoulder repair is moving along as the highway itself has not been paved again. I was unable to reach the lower portion of the highway closer to Scotty's Castle so I have no idea how the repairs are going down there. It was a gorgeous morning with views over Tin Mountain and over the Grapevines.