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Racetrack tracks

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Dave Wise
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Racetrack tracks

Post by Dave Wise » Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:46 pm

About ten years ago near the eastern edge of the Racetrack I found a track about 2' long. A few inches away was a stick which fit perfectly.Not all the tracks are from rocks. When the sticks dry out they blow away.
Near the parking area I found some coyote scant, so my hypothesis is, some of the tracks are from coyote curling.[/list]

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Post by RoguePhotonic » Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:53 pm

Yes sticks leave tracks also! :razz:


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Post by sonyhome » Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:34 am

Has anyone been there when it's wet and windy to see all that stuff move around?

Maybe drop a man made object with a sail to implement the longest trail before the rains, look for it on the first dry day? Record the track with a GPS?

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Post by engineco16 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:47 pm

I would love to one day go there during a storm. Everyone complains about the road, but I don't see it being that bad even is bad conditions. I'll be haeding there in late April and plan on spending the night there. Not much chance for stormy weather though.

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Post by ETAV8R » Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:51 am

Someone drove out on the playa near the parking area for the Grandstand. Please don't place anything man-made out there. One does it, lots do it. Then it will not be pristine as it is. Go out to Bonnie Claire if you want to put stuff on a playa.

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Tracks at Bonnie Claire

Post by Moka » Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:58 am

Where can I find tracks at Bonnie C? Because we are coming from Ryolithe, so it would be on the way.
Thanks for help and greetings from Austria,

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Bonnie Claire lake

Post by matmiss » Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:54 am

Bonnie Claire lakebed is on the northern road to Scotty's Castle, not on the Rhyolite Road - NV 267. Map shows townlet of Bonnie Claire (now long gone) and lake bed south of road, and a bit farther west several little lakelets labeled Bonnie Claire lakebed. The Johnson's pilot landed on one of those lakebeds a bunch during construction of the Castle and bringing them in from Chicago- so there may be traces of a runway? Not sure which lakebed the kids from NASA project put telemetered rocks on to keep track - explore gently and DON'T MOVE ANYTHING - there are experimental plots out there.

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Post by Driver » Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:15 pm

The remains of the airfield runways Johnson's pilot used west of Bonnie Claire and north of NV 267 are still visible but overgrown. I understand it was a regular refueling stop for the airmail planes of the day.

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