The Racetrack vandalized

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The Racetrack vandalized

Post by kurt765 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:49 am

I was at the Racetrack in Death Valley last weekend. I'm sad to say that some jerks drove all over the playa, including loops around the Grandstand and even out to the rocks at the south end. Worse, some terrible people carved initials into (at least) one of the rocks.

All of these photos are from 9/11-9/12 last weekend. I don't know when the tracks were made, but they seemed recent. I have sent these photos all to the NPS who forwarded them to law enforcement, not that there's much hope really that any justice will be done.

I had heard about "some people carving into the rocks" a few weeks back but didn't want to believe it to be true. I had not heard about the car tracks. They seemed pretty new. This is heartbreaking stuff. Not everything is ruined out by the rocks, but there's a lot of compositions that certainly are and the tracks are close enough to show up in the distance in shots.

Loops around the Grandstand:

Just an incredible mess by the middle parking area:

Yep, they drove out to the rocks.


Really, really horrible people:

I posted a bunch of more photos in a blog post on my totally neglected blog.

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Post by netllama » Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:22 pm

Yea, we've been discussing your post over here for the past week:

Its a pity what's been happening out there. Thanks for documenting it.

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Post by SSSdave » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:04 am

Vandalism like this doesn't surprise me at all. There certainly are small numbers of environmental and government haters, especially those criminals already nailed by the law previously, living in the Southwest that after drinking a six-pack of beer would be ripe to try and cause some pain they know the rest of society would condemn. The only reason these morons don't do this more often is because they tend to be urban filth oriented and rarely get out to remote natural places that for the most part are just going to bore them given their pea-sized craniums.

And then there are a few society hating anarchist young adult males that after graduating from delinquent teen-aged years are ready to spew in their new adult world. A group of them out in some place like the Racetrack, after drinking a few beers, and they are looking to show each other their spewing style.

One would expect some good information might be gleaned from the tracks. Tire tread might id the tires. Vehicle tire track width the exact vehicle. Maybe the track depth the approximate weight. If there are multiple tire types involved then that would indicate the size of a group. Vandalism in parks nationwide has been increasing over the last couple decades. Some hi tech devices like license plate readers many cities already use placed at highway intersections and or park entrances would go a huge way in narrowing down culprits. Just advertising such devices were maybe being deployed would likely have a significant impact on loon behaviors.

One thing we peons can do is pester our politicians to significantly increase penalties for vandalism in national and state parks that includes some real pain besides what seems to be the usual situation of no jail time, minor fines, probation, and wimp do gooder judges whining to not to do that again. I'm still wondering what is going to happen to those Devils Hole cretins? I'll bet though that they get off with a trivial fine and probation worth little deterance.

Besides fines, I'd have them braking big rocks into small ones with a sledge hammer but realize that is never going to happen in this era. More likely would be for them to enjoy some Death Valley summer heat by having to pick up trash along Death Valley highways over weekends of several months.

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Post by D.A. Wright » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:18 am

Some news outlets are reporting person caught, though no names being released presently.
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Post by TrailHound » Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:01 am

SSSdave wrote:...after drinking a six-pack of beer...after drinking a few beers
I suspect that beer is the least of it. More likely, those beers washed down a handful of oxycontin followed by a snort of coke or meth.

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Re: The Racetrack vandalized

Post by LarryW » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:22 pm

They all need to be shot, hung and then burned...

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