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Campgrounds Closed

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Campgrounds Closed

Post by JesPortland » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:58 pm


This is a real bummer. They will open up Sunset for the 49ers 11/3-11/13 and then close again.

I had so wanted to trailer at Texas Springs during a slower time to get away from the generators. I have instead reserved five nights at a good site at FC and will try other options, like Stovepipe and perhaps Mesquite if it opens in time. Or off Echo Canyon or such. Perhaps come earlier.

Really like to roam around the hills around and in back of Texas.

Some 49ers like to come earlier than the start dates of the encampment and there is a uptake in FC reservations now so if you need a site move on it!

I'm due to arrive last weekend in the month.

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