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Fossil Valley--Great Basin Desert, Nevada

Environmental topics about Death Valley
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Fossil Valley--Great Basin Desert, Nevada

Post by Inyo » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:38 pm

A topic not directly related to Death Valley, one must admit, but it involves paleontology over in neighboring Nevada.

Rather recently I uploaded to
http://inyo2.coffeecup.com/fossilvalley ... alley.html my latest paleontology-related web page, entitled "A Visit To Fossil Valley, Great Basin Desert, Nevada." Includes detailed text; images of fossils; and on-site photographs, as well.

It's a cyber-visit to a world-famous desert district situated in Nevada's Great Basin Desert geomorphic province that contains the most complete, diverse, terrestrial (land-laid) fossil record of Miocene life yet discovered in North America--and perhaps the world, as a matter of fact--a genuinely spectacular paleontological place that produces from the middle Miocene Esmeralda Formation an astounding association of well-preserved fossil material some 16.4 to 10.5 million years old, including: insects (preserved in exquisite detail along the bedding planes of very thinly stratified sedimentary rocks commonly called "paper shales"); plants (leaves, seeds, flowering structures, conifer needles and foliage, diatoms--a microscopic single-celled photosynthesizing aquatic plant that constructed silica "shells"/frustules--pollens, and petrified woods); stromatolitic, cyanobacterial blue-green algal developments; mollusks (gastropods and pelecypods); ostracods (a bilvalve crustacean); mammals; birds; fish; amphibians; turtles; and arachnids (spiders).

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Post by Gowergulch42 » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:29 pm

Check out my reports and informative ramblings at http://dvexplore.blogspot.com

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