Road conditions, April 9-19

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Road conditions, April 9-19

Post by wbdeford » Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:20 pm

Hyundai Santa Fe, front wheel drive with traction control. If a road usually is washboarded or rough, or whatever, assume it still is.

Hunter Mountain Road--April 11--very muddy areas, otherwise good. I would have turned around at the first mud hole if I weren't traveling with a guy who could pull me out if I got stuck. Almost got stuck in one spot. More rain fell a day later (see Lippincott below).

Hidden Valley Road--excellent on April 11, but rain fell after that

Upper Wildrose--excellent all the way to Mahogany Flat--most any car can do it--but DO NOT go too fast coming down in a Camaro or similar convertible, strike a rock on the side of the road 1 mile from pavement and blow out a tire and your cooling system.....

Furnace Creek Wash--excellent--most any car

Big Pine Road--excellent--most any car

Saline Valley South end to turn off to warm springs--excellent

Saline Valley to Warm Springs--good, with usual dips--maybe slightly more than usual

Steele Pass--talked to a couple who had driven it in a Farabee Jeep without problems

Saline Valley North--heard there is a bypassable washout, but the bypass might be quite difficult--did not drive this road

South Eureka Valley to Dunes--excellent--most any car

Road across Eureka Valley towards Hidden Dunes--Deep dips, as usual, but good.

Racetrack--excellent to Homestake--most any car

West Side Road--some areas of deep sand (worse than Harry Wade, but the park service posted a warning about Harry Wade)

Harry Wade--excellent, with some sandy areas, but not covering the whole road at once--most any car

Saratoga Springs Road to turn toward Ibex Dunes + a mile or so--excellent--most any car

Ibex Spring Road from 127--turned down there and found a very rough spot near the beginning and decided not to go farther

Lower Wildrose--still easily passable, and potholes near top were filled in since last year--most any car

South End of Badwater Road still closed shortly past Harry Wade, except last 15 miles open

Scotty's Castle road still closed

Panamint Valley Rd, excellent to Indian Ranch Rd

Indian Ranch Rd to Surprise Canyon Rd, has some sudden dips due to wash outs that are hard to see till you are almost upon them

Surprise Canyon Road, excellent

190 in vicinity of Stovepipe Wells--construction delays--around 10 minutes a couple of times when I went through--other times no delay

Upper half of Lippincott to next turnout past the mine cutout--hiked it April 12--from my observations, I would surmise it is as good as Lippincott gets, but I have no other experience to compare it to. It was dry hiking down, T-Storm and minor flash flood while I was at the mine cutout (sheltered there during the rain). Slight amount of road washed away while I was there. Otherwise, the road didn't seem harmed.

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