heading to DV via Trona Road: question on Pinnacle Road

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heading to DV via Trona Road: question on Pinnacle Road

Post by happyjack » Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:03 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'm planning to head to DV's Panamint Springs through Trona. However, my wife and I are planning an OHV drive with our awd Subaru, well maintained.

We are heading northbound on Trona Rd and will make a right turn on Randsburg Wash Rd (this is the last paved road one sees before 178). This is an uncommon approach as most people take Trona Rd northbound, make a right on hwy 178, and drive until they reach Pinnacle Road north of the tufas, then they go southbound to access the pinnancles.

However, we will make a right on Randsburg Wash Rd and go east-southeast, until it intersects Pinnacle Rd. We will then make a left (a turn norhtward). At this intersection, Pinnacle Rd provides a northeast drive into Trona Pinnacles (thus we're accessing the Pinnalces from the south). After visiting the tufas there, we will take the same road northbound until it connects to 178. From there we head toward Panamint Springs.

Although we've "softroaded" before (we don't do rock climbing or crossing on roads like those with Jeeps), my question is: will the drive on Pinnacle Road from the intersection of Randsburg Wash Road and Pinnacle road be heavily washboarded? I'm hoping it will drive like the Twenty Mule Team Canyon dirt road: primarily dusty dirt, but one not plagued with heavy washboards and large gravel.

Thank you for any tips coming this way. Best wishes to all you Death Valley trekkers out there.

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Pinnacles road

Post by kpherzog » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:10 am

It's been several years since I was down the route you describe, but here's what conditions were like then: Not much gravel, but lots of sand, though we had no trouble with 2WD. The route is heavily used by ATV's and goes up and down thru lots of cross-washes. Not much washboard due to being so sandy. Pretty area, but as I mentioned lots of ATV tracks all over the place. There is a BLM outhouse at the Pinnacles. From Pinnacles to the Hwy may be washboarded as it gets most of the traffic, but it is graded once in a while.

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Post by David_Bricker » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:57 pm

Passenger cars routinely go to the Pinnacles from the north, so no issue there. Coming in from the south, I'd agree with the previous post. It's well traveled by ATVs, so you may find some issue with the width of the tracks, but keeping your momentum up through any soft sand will be wise. I would not expect it to be a clean at 20 Mule Team Canyon, more like something along the lines of the Racetrack Rd.

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