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Uncommon view of Rainbow Canyon - Jet flybyes

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Uncommon view of Rainbow Canyon - Jet flybyes

Post by Death Valley Dazed » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:38 pm

Since first seeing those fast jets zoom into Rainbow Canyon several years ago I always wondered what they would look like from that lookout mountain across Highway 190 west of the canyon head. Being midday with a clear sky the colors are washed out and using my simple Cannon Powershot camera to zoom in from so far away to capture the fast flying objects leave a lot to be desired, but what the hell, I'm an amateur, so have a look.

On Thursday, June 22nd I was gone about 4-5 hours for the whole tour of the mountain, shooting from three different locations while awaiting the jets. From start to finish was twelve fly byes, two of which were right over the hood of my car as I drove back from a failed attempt to find the U2 memorial near the west end of the park. Exciting but way to quick for me to think about getting a shot.

I have seen one jet fly up the canyon instead of down. The jets enter from north, south and over the lookout mountain as they dive bomb down west Rainbow. I was hoping one would blow my hat off. LOL

So far this Star Wars jets shoot is the eighth location I've seen the jets from. 1. Father Crowley overlook 2. The end of the dirt road/trail east of Father Crowley. 3. The overlook at the end of Rainbow on the south side 4. North side of Rainbow as the jets zoom into the canyon between Father Crowley and me. 5. The bottom of Rainbow Canyon hiking up to the huge dry fall from Panamint Springs. 6. From the top of Lake Mountain gazing directly into the mouth of Rainbow Canyon.

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